Mikael Asp

Mikael Asp

(Born 1962)
Chief Executive Officer

Mikael has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and has 25 years of experience from several companies within the international pharmaceutical industry in research and development, production, quality assurance and as Qualified Person (QP).

Anette Sjödin

(Born 1964)
Chief Business Officer and deputy CEO

Joakim Lindén

(Born 1964)
Acting Chief Financial Officer

Joakim Lindén has a Master of Science in Business and Economics and has been working in Oasmia since 26 March 2019.

Joakim runs his own consulting business and has extensive experience of change implementation in public and private limited companies in many industries, countries and roles, including as CFO.

Sven Rohmann

(Born 1962)
Acting Chief Medical Officer (also Member of the Board)

Nina Heldring

(Born 1968)
Head of Clinical Development

Maria Nilsson Hagberg

(Born 1977)
Head of Regulatory Affairs

Dzianis Babrou

(Born 1973)
Head of Research and Development

Elin Trampe

(Born 1980)
Head of Supply Chain

Richard Herrmann

(Born 1981)
Strategic Marketing Director