Our vision is to improve the treatment of severe diseases in order to provide benefits for both patients and society as a whole.

Capital Markets Day

On June 15th, Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB held a Capital Markets Day in Stockholm.

Oasmia in brief

Our vision is to improve the quality for treatment of severe diseases. Researching and developing next generation medicines, our focus is on advancing oncology treatments.


At Oasmia, we’re developing the next generation of drugs with focus on oncology.


At our EMA and FDA-approved production facility we manufacture drugs for both clinical trials and sales.

Our technology

Our nanoparticle platform XR17 possesses unique properties to improve current and future medicines.

The Share


Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (publ) announces result of the rights issue

The subscription period for Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB’s (publ) (“Oasmia” or the “Company”) rights issue ended on July 5, 2017. The result of the rights issue shows that 23,517,699 shares, rep...
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The Oasmia Pharmaceutical Annual Report is now published

The Oasmia Annual Report for the fiscal year 2016/2017 is now available at the company website www.oasmia.com.
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Issuance of warrants in Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (publ)

Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (publ) (the ”Company”) resolved, at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company on 2 June 2017, to establish two warrant programmes, series 2017:1 and series 2017:2, ...
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